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Auto repair and speedometer calibrations Chesapeake, VA

Following your factory recommended tune-ups and scheduled car service is essential to optimize the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. It’s also an opportunity to catch a little concern before it becomes a big and expensive problem.

Frequently we’re asked to perform a factory recommended engine tune-up and as we begin to follow the guidelines for parts to change, we find some components have already been replaced or have a great deal more time before they wear out.

In this case most shops will automatically replace all scheduled parts even if they are still good, additionally, you are also charged the labor for removal and replacement.

Let us give you a free AutomotiveTune-up Evaluation to determine what your car needs. You may be pleasantly surprised to find the cost of a tune-up for you car is less than expected.




Vehicle maintenance packages
Auto repair and speedometer calibrations Chesapeake, VA
30k, 60k, 90k Mile Service


Every vehicle will hit these maintenance milestones at some point in their lives. Getting serviced at these points is extremely important to the safety of you and your car. We can perform manufacturer-specified service for the following makes and models:

  • Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Infinity, Lexus more

  • 4x4 Jeep and Chevrolet

  • 4x4 Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Subaru

  • Mercedes

  • Mercedes Diesel

  • BMW

If you do not see your make on the list, contact us for a quote.

When we perform the maintenance, this is what we typically do:

  • Replace spark plugs (if applicable)

  • Replace points and condenser (if applicable)

  • Replace fuel filter (if applicable)

  • Replace vent filter (if applicable)

  • Adjust timing (if applicable)

  • Inspect belts and hoses

  • Lube, Oil and Filter

  • Inspect Brakes

  • Check tire pressure

  • Flush Brake Fluid

  • Check suspension and shocks

  • Differential Service, drain and refill

  • Clean Engine

  • Replace distributor cap and rotor (if applicable)

  • Replace PCV valve (if applicable)

  • Replace Air Filter

  • Check emissions

  • Check injectors or adjust carburetor

  • Inspect all fluids

  • Rotate Tires

  • Clean and adjust rear brakes (if applicable)

  • Pack wheel bearings (4x4 Extra) (if applicable)

  • Flush Cooling System

  • Transmission service (filter and gasket if applicable)

Timing belts and water pumps
Auto repair and speedometer calibrations Chesapeake, VA

Most import vehicles have whats called a timing belt, a extremely important component that keeps your pistons and valves in the correct timing. If this belt fails, the valves and pistons collide, which in most vehicles, means serious engine damage, resulting in thousands in repairs or even engine replacement. Most timing belt services are required at either 60,000 or 90-100,000 miles, for more information on when your timing belt service is due, refer to your owners manual, or call us and we would be happy to look it up for you.


Important Information: we replace all the components in the timing belt system which is called a timing belt "kit", as the factory requires. It includes all the tensioners and water pump assy, which is everything that could make the timing belt fail, don't be fooled when calling for a estimate and only get a price for the belt only. These repair shops  usually want to be the lowest quote to get the quick sale, but aren't looking out for you and your cars best interest.

Oil changes
Auto repair and speedometer calibrations Chesapeake, VA

An oil and filter change involves draining out the old motor oil and replacing it with fresh, new motor oil. The oil filter also gets replaced at the same time.

Changing your vehicle's oil is one of the most important things you can do to avoid bringing large bags of money to your mechanic later on.

However, there's a lot of controversy about exactly when engine oil gets old and how often it should be replaced with new oil. Because there are many factors at work -- how you drive, the condition and age of the engine, the external environment you drive in, and stop-and-go versus highway driving -- it's an inexact science. Owner's manual recommendations for oil and filter changes vary from 3,000 to 10,000 miles.

Speedometer Calibrations

Auto repair and speedometer calibrations Chesapeake, VA

Get a speeding ticket? Come to Chesapeake Auto Center for a speedometer calibration using only the best technology.


Calibrations take approximately 15 minutes to do and no appointment is needed. Feel free to stop by anytime between 8 am and 5 pm.


Contact - 757-436-2537

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